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Guided tours leaving from Cape Town
Relaxing and Fun for sure!

You have a choice of four holiday tours with a guide fully available to attend to your needs. You will discover Cape Town and the southern region of South Africa.These tour offers have been formulated with the purpose of introducing you to the most characteristic features of the South Africa today and to those of its Mother City Cape Town, which was founded in 1652 by the Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck. South Africa and especially Cape Town is well known for its multicultural society and for its idyllic, natural landscape and floral wealth. Our tours venture deep into the heart and soul of Cape Town and its surroundings, striving to grasp the essence of a beautiful and culuturally rich and diverse region.
Our tours offered cover a period of 12 to a maximum of 14 days.
To allow the maximum enjoyment of the tours for everyone, the number of persons on each tour is limited to six.
Overnight-stop accommodation will be in top quality hotels and lodges.

Here are the offers:

  1. Tour Safari, 14 days, cost from € 4500.--. Starting from Cape Town, you will travel through the dry areas of the 'Klein Karoo'. You will visit part of the 'Garden Route', from where you will travel by air to Johannesburg. You will then be escorted to the Kruger Park, the largest most well-known national park in South Africa. In this Park you will be very likely to observe all of the 'Big Five' (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant...) in their natural habitat.
  2. Tour du Cap, 12 days, cost from € 3900.--. Your journey will start from Cape Town and continue through the winelands of the Cape, with vineyards, rolling hills and surrounding mountains. Visiting renowned places like the Cango Caves of Oudtshoorn and several untouristed sites, is the attraction of this tour.
  3. Tour Garden Route, 13 days, cost from € 4200.--. Starting from Cape Town, you will travel up the east coast of the Cape, to Port Elizabeth. The route will take you through beautiful semi-desert landscapes and alongside pristine, never-ending beaches. The tour will conclude with a visit to the 'Olifant Park' near Port Elizabeth.
  4. Tour Protea & Rooibos, 3, 5 or more days, cost from € 900.--. Your journey will start from Cape Town and progress north along the west coast of South Africa towards Namibia. On this tour you will discover the beauty and rich diversity of the plants and flowers of Southern Africa. Your guide will be specialised in floral and botanical tours.
  5. Tour Mountain Kingdom /Lesotho, 4 o more days, cost from € 900.-- Leaving Cape Town for Kimberley by plane, visit to the famous diamond "Big Hole", travel throgh Bloemfontein to reach Lesotho.
    Discover the beauty of the Kingdom on foot or on the back of a pony.
Note that botanical excursions can be included in the first 3 offers:
  • Visit to Kirstenbosh
  • Private Gardens of Cape Town
Both excursions are one-day's duration, accompanied by an expert guide for botanical information.



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